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Simon Rickards

Studied film-making in London and worked for the BFI, Cineworld, Arqiva, BBC and Sky TV. He established Godiva Films in 2005, and is the creative force behind our aim to make entertaining and compelling films of superior quality.  He has written and directed several of Godiva's shorts, and both feature films, and produced every production Godiva has made. 

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Niti Sidpra

Provides core management and leadership to the group alongside Simon.  She is instrumental in shaping projects and delivering the film ‘on the ground’, overseeing the end-to-end film-making process for each production.  Also took on the role of Casting director on Mercy Land.


Emily Bennett

Joined the collective shortly before the making of British Made, where she assisted the role of script supervisor.  Was an integral member of the team to bring Mercy Land to screen, taking on the role of assistant director and over-seeing the film’s very difficult scheduling and production.   


Cris Fells

Has provided us with a solid member of the sound department, delivering expert sound recording for all the productions he works on. Joined us for the Christmas 2016 short films, and has since took on the main sound role for Mercy Land.


Mike Nekrasov

Mike worked on the short film ‘Sorry’ as cinematographer, and on many productions since.  He has also provided his photography skills to many of productions since then.


Gordon Round

Has starred in both British Made and Mercy Land, in key roles.   Has also provided some valuable skills to the productions as gaffer and armourer.

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